WORLDJUMPING is an original licensing program and a top product based on medical research and practical experience.The program as a whole fully conditions the human body. It is successful in many countries and is recommended for all age groups. The patented trampolines are TUV-certified and meet the requirements of health and safety standards.



Growing popularity of WORLDJUMPING – look for us in your neighborhood!


Training can only be performed under supervision of professional instructors.

The programs themselves are not just random jumping on a trampoline, but they represent a highly coordinated system of exercises. The basic idea of the individual programs has already captivated the fitness fans all over Europe and the USA. WorldJumping is ideal for body shaping and covers numerous benefits. From the medical point of view, it has a very positive impact on all systems of the body and is therefore considered highly effective.

We, as the manufacturers of the trampolines, provide service and maintenance of the products for our clients. In addition, we offer regular training courses and materials for the instructors.

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The programs themselves are not just random jumping on a trampoline, but they represent a highly coordinated system of exercises.

The programs contain elements of streching, cardio, fat burning, strengtening and relaxing of the muscles all in one hour.

They support relaxation and good night sleep and benefit the nervous system.

They increase the flow of oxygen to the cells and delay the aging process. They enhance the muscle tone.

They enhance mental performance and help learning in general. They promote the removal of toxins from the body.

They allow for exercising of more muscles in an hour than any other fitness activity. They are a safe and joyful form of training in a group.

They reduce blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases and have a beneficial effect on pain in the neck and the back.

They fully protect the spinal column and the joints. They help problems with incontinence.

The programs have a strong slimming effect on the body while improving the motor nervous system, coordination and stability.

They enhance the circulation of the lymphatic system and reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides.

They also enhance metabolism in general, as a result the fat burning processes are still active and effective several hours after the exercise. They shape the bottom, stomach, waist, hips and thighs.


More about instructors and coaches. Comming soon!

Lilla Katona

Senior Master Trainer WORLD JUMPING


Andrea Jandrasits

Senior Master Trainer WORLD JUMPING


Beatrix Rizmayer

Senior Master Trainer WORLD JUMPING BOX


Jasmin Mechler

Senior Master Trainer WORLD JUMPING KIDS



WORLDJUMPING FEDERATION (WJF) is an association of individuals, companies and sport clubs with a single goal – to expand and protect WORLDJUMPING FEDERATION in accordance to WJF regulations.

WJF members are legal subjects and companies. WJF registers and recognizes:
a) Membership of a WORLDJUMPING instructor
b) Individual membership

Membership begins by filling and signing a WJF registration form and the payment of a membership fee approved by the Presidential council for the next year. Membership is terminated:
a) By a resignation of a member based on their written submission to the WJF council.
b) Automatically, due to failure to meet basic membership obligations. Specifically, membership is terminated due to failure to pay a membership fee for the given time period. Membership fee is payable up to 30 days after the term approved by the Presidential council of WJF. Term to pay a membership fee is set to 31st January of the year;
c) By being expelled, if a member violates WJF charter or otherwise jeopardizes the name and/or the mission of WJF. Expelling is subject to a resolution by the WJF council and it is possible to withdraw from the decision and request a final resolution from the Presidential council. Resolution of the Presidential council is final.
d) By decease or another form of termination of the legal subject that is a WJF member.
Claims for a membership refund due to its termination by any reason are invalid.

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